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Cameron and Kerry Woolford 
Church Planting Through Church Multiplication 
With Servant Leaders International
"The bravest moment of a man's life is the moment when he looks at himself objectively without wincing, without complaining.  Self-examination which does not result in action is dangerous.  What am I going to do about what I see?  The action called for is surrender of ourselves to God."  Eric Liddel, The Disciplines of the Christian Life
Over the past few months a recurring theme has come up, "insecurity in ministry".  As I have listened to and walked with some of our partnering pastors in Latin America they have expressed repeatedly a sense of insecurity in the ministry they have been called to.  This insecurity or sense of inadequacy comes from a few primary areas.  First, a lack of understanding of how to conduct the practical work of local church ministry.  Second, a lack of resources for leading their people effectively.  Third, a lack of support for them personally and their families as they work on the frontlines of ministry in hostile territory where Satan is attacking daily to discourage and divide.  As a ministry team with Servant Leaders we seek to walk with these men and women as to help them find hope and strength in the moments of these types of inadequacies.  Thank you for continuing to partner with us to make this happen.
A short Video of partnering Pastor Darwin Punguil giving us a tour of his ministry in Ecuador
Family News

2018 has seen our two oldest daughters take some huge steps into future ministry.  Alyssa graduated in May with her degree in Biblical Counseling.  She has a heart for God and his church.  Pray for her as she continues her education, she has been accepted in Seminary to continue her studies in Biblical Counseling.  She will be traveling to Germany in June for a short term ministry opportunity as well as exploring possible missions opportunities. 
Tori has been living in Indonesia for the last 5 months on a missions internship.  She has grown to love the people of Indonesia and has grown in her desire to serve in cross-cultural ministry.  Pray for her as she returns this summer to finish her studies.

First Two Classes Done!
The beginning of May marked the end of the first two courses that SLI conducted through Anchor Christian University.  All 16 students were faithful and are ready for the next set of classes.  Please be in prayer as the next two courses start on June 4th.  SL personnel continue to lead and facilitate these classes.  Cam is leading two groups from each course.  Pray we are able to be effective in the training.  
The Importance of Tech to SLI Ministry
Over the past 6 months SLI has worked to equip the four partnering churches in Northern Ecuador with all the equipment necessary to have an incredible internet network in their churches.  Strong and consistent internet networks are a key part of what SLI is doing with partnering churches. Whether it is access to our Ethnos training platform, live video training streaming or weekly skype meetings the right equipment is crucial.  One of our SLI missionaries, Sam Froese, has headed up this effort and provides installation and follow up help for these churches. 
The plan is to set up the same network at the church in Northern Mexico and then in Costa Rica.
We continue to work on the discipleship platform.  Most men and women in Latin America need to use their smart phones to access the platform for training.  We have just made updates to make this happen.  We are also in the process of creating a 2.0 version that will integrate greater communication through the discipleship platform between mentor and student. This update should be out by the end of June. Pray as the team expands the reach in other languages.  We currently have the platform in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and soon to be in German.
SLI Training in Northern Ecuador
Cam and Sam Froese conducted Biblical Conflict Management training ( Christian Confrontation, a SLI Course) for 5 churches. The focus was for leadership of these churches to take the training and then return to their churches to apply and reteach the material.  
Roca Viva Baptist Church in Costa Rica has faced some incredible trials these past couple of months.  A young deacon and father of 4, Cristian, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Pray for this young family as they face incredible challenges. 

 Just two weeks ago one of the ladies in the church, Yilen, finished cleaning the church and was standing on the road waiting for a bus and was hit by a car. It is a miracle she was not killed.  Pray as she heals.  

Pray for the church as they minister to these church members and their families. 
Cam and a few of the members from SLI recently held a two day meeting with the leadership
from  Missiondienst Kusel, Germany.  Last year we took a group of Ecuadorian pastors to Germany to open up a possible partnership with this ministry.  It has taken some time but God is opening up the doors for further partnership.  Please be in prayer as we continue to move shared internships and missions training for College and Career age men and women.  Their website is:
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